Bespoke Meetings

HanRiver’s bespoke meeting platform are a combination of one-­to-­one and roundtable meetings or private events, acting as a catalyst to form new business connections in a targeted approach that offers you access in terms of scale, focus and across locations.

As a HanRiver client, you conduct mutually selected, pre­agreed meetings with qualified international buyers who have a stated interest in your products and services.

We believe that…

when provided with the above service the outcome is a measurable reduction in the real and total cost of acquiring a new piece of business, therefore helping new business to be won more profitably.

Our strategy meetings are solely for C-Level decision makers who have a say on how they execute their internal strategies giving each supplier a way to express current case studies and tangible evidence on how they can bring multiple platforms via product, service or solutions to help improve their bottom line.

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