At HanRiver Consulting we understand the demands and constraints our clients work under. We also appreciate their business objectives and recognise the future direction of change in each sector.
Our aim is simple: to provide our clients with our services to help achieve their international business growth plans. Using our expertise and our global network of relationships our objective is to assist organisations’ in building a sustainable and viable future. HanRiver operate in the following sectors:

Big Data

Providing consultancy in the area of big data, predominantly within the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Our consultants provide support in producing or providing algorithms for formatting and operating big data driven applications, such as advance image analysis.


Providing consultancy services in understand the needs of todays physical robotic systems. Robotic systems that provide real time dynamic motion control for highly sensitive operations such as medical processes. Our robotics team deal with everything from sensors, to controllers and actuators for a given mission system scenario and application requirements.

Information Communication Technology

Providing Consultancy in the area of current and next generation network systems for data transfer. Our consultants operate in the area of machine to machine communications using the latest Internet of Things platforms. We are also working within the remit of decentralised network systems the block-chain that will power tomorrows internet.

Quantum Technologies

Providing consultancy in the area of Quantum Technologies that utilise quantum physical phenomenon’s in providing computational and communication resources. We are working to deliver the power of the quantum world for real world applications.